Robin Stubbert Portrait uncropped.jpg

I took pictures when I was a kid.  Out of focus caterpillar shots were my specialty‚Ķ anything cute and furry really, but not all subjects were willing and one goat thought it would be fun to see how fast he could make me run.  Fast forward to years later, I decided to study graphic design at Humber in Toronto, at which time I discovered that photography was on offer and that was that‚Ķ full time photography study it was.  Many years later, I still enjoy it as much as when I was that kid being terrorized by that goat but my photos are much better.  I now specialize in interiors and lifestyle photography and I'm always on the hunt for beautiful locations to photograph for magazine features in national and international publications, so if you are in the design business or homeowner and would love to see your project or home in print, let's connect!